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How to Plug in Christmas Lights Without an Outdoor Outlet

Christmas is beckoning. A time to create and enjoy the much-needed warm ambiance only Christmas brings. Creating pleasant and memorable Christmas lights without outdoor outlets can prove problematic. However, there are various options on how to plug in Christmas lights without an outdoor outlet that you can explore to enjoy outdoor lighting to add to the Christmas cheer.

Outdoor lights increase the safety and beauty of your compound. Importantly, any method chosen must be weather-resistant to withstand bad weather conditions.

Extending Existing Indoor Power Outlet

It’s possible and safe to use the existing electrical outlets either inside your house or basement. The secret lies in choosing the right outlet and using an external cord through an outward-facing window or small opening.

Using a heavy-duty extension cord enables handling of the right amount of electricity needed to pass long distances compared to regular cords. Some extension cords are specifically meant for outdoor lighting and have inbuilt waterproof plugs.

You can settle on outdoor string lights with power stakes that have automatic sensors to turn your beautiful Christmas lights on at dusk and turn them off again at dawn.

Always remember to use an extension cord that can endure foot traffic without causing a hazard. Double-check for a circuit breaker to prevent accidents in case of too much power if the string lights lack a preinstalled fuse.

Solar-powered lights

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar-powered outdoor strings lighting system is a cost-effective method of illuminating your space. The sun rays charge the light fixtures enabling them to provide wireless light after dark. The solar lights bring an ambiance to your outdoor lighting system by adding vibrancy and creating a romantic atmosphere.

Due to their fascinating colours and wonderful artistic effects without needing electrical outlets, electric wires, and panels, solar garden globes are an ideal option too. They are colourful garden decorations that glow in the dark and include replaceable batteries and extended wiring.

You may choose to cluster or spread the solar globes. Keep the solar panel ground stake in direct sunlight for it to be fully charged. Solar-powered lights are not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Check out for those that support Bluetooth string lights as some dance music downloaded from apps. How fun! Available options include rope lights, snowflakes, candy canes, and stars.

Battery Powered lights

For soft illumination and low-voltage outdoor lighting, battery-powered lights are the real deal as bringing an attractive and entertaining environment. Additionally, using battery-powered lights saves on electricity costs and can also be used for Christmas trees and general Christmas decorations. Patio, lawn stake, tree, and door are some suitable places for battery-powered outdoor lights to maximise their effect.

LED lights are recommended as don’t generate any heat while radiating light, thus keeping the strands cool. Therefore, look out for water-proof, rechargeable battery-powered string lights equipped with LED bulbs. A key advantage of using battery-powered lights is the elimination of extension cords since they do not rely on electrical outlets. Rechargeable batteries help save on costs.

LED Candles and Real Wax Candles

Outdoor LED Christmas Candles

Old is gold, or so they say. Candles are a traditional lighting system but they reliably provide low-cost wireless lighting. Depending on their utilisation, candles define the mood and provide functional lighting to complement the Christmas spirit. LED candles are more popular compared to real candles because one doesn’t worry about dripping wax or naked flame while using them.

Real wax or LED candles give room for imagination, and this time can be spent bonding with your loved ones looking for lanterns, tea lights, and old cleaned-out jars to set the desired mood. Do you prefer LED candles or real wax candles for your Christmas lights and why?

The latest posts indicate solar LED candles are appropriate for outdoor use as they guarantee incident-free Christmas lighting with no power costs.

Wireless Outdoor Lighting

With unique features such as motion detection, auto shut off and wireless installation, the LED motion sensors are a safe and convenient way for your outdoor Christmas lights. While outdoor string lights increase the Christmas cheer, safety is paramount.

A wireless outdoor Christmas lights setting using LED motion sensors within a control distance helps to enjoy Christmas lights without the hassle of security worries or the right extension cable to purchase.

Safety Precautions

Christmas lights have a history of causing fires ad injuries, sometimes fatalities, therefore, whether using outdoor or indoor string lights, safety is vital. Here are some key precautionary measures to observe.

  • Use low-voltage outdoor string lights
  • Never overload the electrical outlets
  • Always use weather-resistant extension cords- Avoid placing extension cords where they can be damaged or cause injury and don’t close windows and doors on them to prevent breakages. Look for an extension cord specifically meant for an outdoor setting.
  • Have a circuit breaker system in place and cover any open electric cord with electrical tape
  • When you plug in Christmas lights in an outdoor outlet, reach out for technical support if you lack adequate relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Maximise on energy-efficient methods
  • For long-term power lighting needs, consider installing an outdoor power outlet.

It’s possible

If you lack an outdoor outlet, You can plug in Christmas lights to an indoor power outlet by using an extension cord, solar, rechargeable batteries, wireless lights, and candles. Lights outdoors usher in a merry Christmas for all. Christmas lights without an outdoor outlet are possible!

We wish all of of customers a very happy and peaceful Christmas 2021

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