A Carbon Monoxide Detector Probably The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

There are over 200 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning every year in the United Kingdom, causing 50 fatalities which are 50 too many considering the preventative measures that are in place.

By installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your home, you can eliminate these dangers, giving you and your family immediate warning and protection from this deadly silent killer.

The problem with carbon monoxide is that your senses are powerless to defend you from the risks, you cannot smell, taste or see it and even a short period of exposure can be fatal.

The majority of people who die from carbon monoxide don’t even know what has hit them, they simply slip into unconsciousness, and never wake up again.

Carbon Monoxide is produced when everyday materials such as wood, oil, or gas don’t fully burn. Considering that the majority of heating systems within our homes utilise these sources of energy, if they are not working to their full capacity, haven’t been serviced properly, or are leaking then the consequences can quite literally be deadly.

Many people worry about the risk of being burgled. They spend hundreds of pounds investing in top of the range burglar alarms, and yet all that is really doing is protecting their material possessions. And yet many people neglect to install a Carbon Monoxide Detector, which can cost less than £20.00 which could save the life of their loved ones.

How Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work?

These simple devices constantly monitor the amount of Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere. When they detect a certain volume of Carbon Monoxide, the alarm is triggered, and they emit a loud piercing sound. This means that the alarm will be able to alert the owner even when they are asleep.

There are three different types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors, they all work in the same way but the mechanisms are slightly different.

Biomimetic sensor: These type of sensors contain a colour changing gel. As they absorb more carbon monoxide, they change colour. Once the colour changes this sets off the alarm warning the occupants of the problem.

Electrochemical sensor: This system consists of electrodes submerged in a chemical mixture. Carbon dioxide causes the electrical current to change when it comes into contact with the solution, which then triggers the alarm.

Metal oxide semiconductor: This special chip monitors the air and when it detects carbon monoxide, it simply lowers the resistance which then sets the alarm off.

All three of these systems are actually relatively low tech in terms of maintenance and moving parts which means they have an average lifespan of between five and seven years. Due to the relative cost and ease of installation of these devices, we would advise to err on the side of caution and change your devices every 5 years.

The Best Locations To Fit Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The priority with any alarm system is that the householder hears the alarm sounding, in sufficient time to be able to get everyone safely out of the property. For that reason, our advice would be to ensure at least one of these alarms is fitted close to the sleeping quarters.

If you are awake during the day while you may not smell or feel the gas, you will start to feel unwell and leave the premises. But during the evening, if you are sound asleep, this is when it is essential that the alarm does its job. You need to be able to hear the warning and actually wake up as a result.

We would also advise placing the second detector close to the boiler or gas cooker. In other words, locations where the carbon monoxide is most likely to escape from. The optimal position for both devices is about 150 millimetres from the ceiling, provided you are fitting it to a wall.

When all is said and done, we can only give advice. Surely your families lives are worth the investment of £15 – £20.00 for one Carbon Monoxide Detector? Even two devices are not going to break the bank, and the peace of mind this will generate for you will be priceless.

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